Monday, July 26, 2010

Wild Jester

"Wild Jester " is a project that has been on going with myself and Jesse.
Jesse Balfour is from the northern beaches of Sydney and a very gifted vocalist, guitarist and drummer...oh and a great studio engineer ...

We were playing some shows together and during a rehearsal at Jesse's place , decided we should be writing our own stuff..out came the guitar and the rest is history.

I'm very excited with what this writing partnership has produced. It's a really great energy between us both. Writing & recording has been on going ....and we like it that way.

Enjoy the video clip and would love to get some feed back...
Watch this space for more to come soon.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Many Faces of Roy Wilders

I want to thank the following people for shooting me over the years.
Without you I could not have put this slide show together or documented
the Journey.

Thank you.


Howard Tyler - London
Stephen Henry - Brisbane
Kazuhisa Nishikawa - Tokyo
Ulli Pallemanns - Cologne
Stefan Kubli - Zurich
Asako Koyanagi - Tokyo
Patrick Frischknecht - Winterthur
Christian Ammann - Zurich
Daisei Hen-d - Tokyo
Natalie Barovsky - Lismore

Please let me know if I missed your name....